Tytan Action 3 Cleaning Cube Lemon 2x40g

Kostka toaletowa do WC Tytan Action 3 Lemon 2x40g

Tytan Action 3 Lemon toilet cube will provide a clean, safe and stone-free toilet at a good price.

Tytan Action 3 Cleaning Cube Lemon – description

Our Tytan Action 3 lemon fragrance toilet cube takes care of the hygiene in your toilet. It prevents limescale deposits, leaves a flawless cleanliness, rich foam, intense and pleasant fragrance! This is a new generation of cube, to which you will find out after the first use!

A place where you should definitely and especially take care of cleanliness is the toilet. As a result, it is particularly exposed to the rapid and continuous development of harmful germs, bacteria, fungi and mould.

Naturally, the Tytan Action 3 toilet cube with a lemon fragrance is intended for sanitary facilities. Specially selected composition of ingredients allows to achieve triple action. The cube cleans, refreshes and leaves a rich foam. Additionally, it prevents the formation of limescale. WC block is an invention almost as revolutionary as a toilet with a flush. It appeared in the mid-1960s. It completely changed the standards of hygiene and cleanliness. In addition, it improved sanitary conditions in toilets and saved scrubbing.

Tytan Action 3 Cleaning Cube – action

Tytan WC cube hung in a special basket refreshes and cleans the interior of the shell to a small degree. In addition, the toilet block contains substances that prevent scale build-up. Stone, as we know, destroys the device and can facilitate the development of bacteria and fungi. Thanks to the hanger to the toilet our toilet will always be fresh, clean and unpleasant smell will quickly disappear. This is due to the fact that with each flush, the water will turn into a liquid acting on the surface of the shell. Apart from cleaning and disinfecting it, it will leave a fresh fragrance for a longer time without the need to use toilet liquid.

Our WC cube has three phases of operation. In the first one it disinfects and cleans, in the second one it colours the water and refreshes the toilet, while in the third one it prevents the formation of scale. Thanks to this, we have comprehensive toilet protection and less frequent use of the toilet cleaning brush. This is the direct result of our satisfaction that we offer you such an innovative product. You will also be satisfied with the use of our toilet brushes. Therefore, after using it, you will not replace it with another one, unless you only change the smell to avoid monotony.

Why Tytan toilet cube…

Kostka toaletowa do WC Tytan Action 3 o zapachu cytrynowym gwarantuje czystość, ochronę przed bakteriami oraz miły cytrynowy zapach po każdym spłukaniu. Co za tym idzie, uprzyjemni Ci to każdy pobyt w toalecie.

Logistical info:

Number of pieces per carton box: 12 szt
Number on pallete: 1260 szt
Number of layers on pallete: 7
Number of carton box per layer: 18
Code EAN 13 produkt: 5 900 657 532 211
Code EAN 13 carton box: 5 900 198 532 213
Index: T53221

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