Tytan Bleach 1kg

Tytan Bleach contains sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl), a chemical agent known for over 200 years, frequently used in households, hospitals and industry. It is used as a bleach to maintain the natural whiteness of fabrics which turn grey in time. It is the most efficient bactericide and fungicide with a unique property of killing even the most resistant microorganisms. Sodium hypochlorite is effective against all types of microorganisms: bacteria, fungi, spores and viruses. The bactericide and fungicide properties of sodium hypochlorite result from its strong oxidizing features (for example it oxidizes proteins and nucleic acids). Its additional advantage is that it acts as a disinfectant quickly and at low temperatures. After application it reduces itself to NaCl salt which is not hazardous for the natural environment.

Logistical info:

Number of pieces per carton box: 10 szt
Number on pallete: 550 szt
Number of layers on pallete: 5
Number of carton box per layer: 11
Code EAN 13 produkt: 5 900 657 027 724
Code EAN 13 carton box: 5 900 198 027 726
Index: T27720

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