T61331 czterofunkcuna zawieszka barwiaca wodę Tytan Blue Water Lawenda 2x40g

The Tytan Blue Water lavender four-function toilet cube is a great choice for any toilet.

TYTAN cubes are manufactured with concern for the environment!
– in their composition do not contain phosphates, which means that they are more environmentally friendly;
– the blister film is made from 100% recycled material;
– the basket is made from up to 30% recycled recycled material;
– the label, is produced with 91.6% recycled fiber;
– recyclable packaging;
– modified formula allows for more flushes, i.e. 350;

Four-functional toilet pendant Tytan Blue Water lavender – description.

Four-functional toilet pendant Tytan Blue Water lavender cleans, refreshes, prevents limescale. Therefore, it can be matched to any toilet bowl. Besides, it is very easy to use. Just hang it on the edge of the toilet and the power of our cube will take effect. An additional advantage of the Blue Water lavender cube is that it colors the water blue, increasing its aesthetic value.

The main reason for using a toilet cube is convenience of use and cleanliness and freshness after each flush without having to scrub with a toilet brush. The four functions we offer you through our product are: thorough cleanliness, disinfection, fresh aroma and prevention of limescale build-up. The blue color of the water is naturally not insignificant. It gives an additional effect of freshness and cleanliness.

Logistics information:

Pcs in carton: 10 pcs.
Pcs on pallet: 1260 pcs.
Layers on pallet: 7
Cartons on layer: 18
Product EAN: 5 900 657 513 319
Carton EAN: 5 900 198 513 311
Index: T51331


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