P28230 żel do usuwania przypalen Tytan 500g


Aktywny żel do usuwania przypaleń Tytan 500g to produkt doskonałej jakości, dlatego też oferujemy go Państwu z pełną świadomością.

Active gel for removing burns Tytan 500g – description

Active Burn-removal Gel is a product from the family of products designed to remove nuisance burns. It is used primarily because the anionic detergents contained in it quickly and effectively dissolve the resulting burns. They are perfect for fat, meat, potatoes, fish, pasta, etc. Natural dyes remaining after cooking, e.g. after coffee, tea, buckwheat groats, etc., are not a problem either.
In addition, the developed dense gel formula allows for longer adhesion to the cleaned surfaces. This significantly prolongs the time of active agents in the cleaning process.
That is why the active gel for removing scorching Titan is designed for removing scorch marks from ovens, grills, pans, saucepans, pots, baking trays or cake products, ceramic dishes, etc.
It does not damage the surface. Restores shine to enamelled and stainless steel pots, ceramic and heat-resistant vessels.

Choose Tytan and you will not regret it

An important aspect is that the Active Scorch Removal Gel Titanium 500g is extremely effective. This can be seen in thinner layers of scorching. Then all you need is a little bit of gel applied to the burned area. Unlike other agents, it is enough to wait here and then easily wash away with the scorch. Besides, our product is safe for the cleaned surface. This is because it does not require scrubbing, and it only penetrates the scorched layer and not the cleaned structure of the dish, pot or oven. We can safely use it and it will not damage our enamel or Teflon.

Noteworthy is the fact that active Tytan gel meets with very good opinions of our customers. Their satisfaction results from our concern to offer a high quality product. We meet our customers by offering comfort of use and guaranteeing satisfaction, and at the same time a reasonable price.

In conclusion, active Tytan gel is an excellent detergent for removing burns. It will certainly become an indispensable attribute of your home and will be an indispensable agent in the process of taking care of hygiene in the kitchen and beyond.

Logistic information:

The pieces in a box: 18 szt.
Pieces on a pallet: 1080 szt.
Layer on a pallet: 5
Cartons on a layer: 12
Product EAN code: 5 900 657 028 233
EAN code of the box: 5 900 198 028 235
Indeks: P28230

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