Tytan WC Block for cistern Blue Water 50g

T53010 Kostka do spłuczki barwiąca wodę Tytan Blue Water 50g

Tytan WC Block for cistern Blue Water is excellent addition for clean and fresh toilet in good price

Tytan WC Block for cistern Blue Water – description

Tytan WC Block for cistern Blue Water cleans, refreshes and prevents scale build-up. It is very easy to use, just put it in the rinse. An additional advantage of Blue Water cube is the fact that it tints water in blue, which increases its aesthetic value.

It is recommended to maintain a proper level of hygienic cleanliness of the tank and toilet bowl, does not destroy bacterial flora in tanks and septic tanks. It cleans, refreshes, works automatically, removes dirt, protects the tank from dirt and limescale deposits. Additionally, it gives the effect of blue water. It works over and under the surface of water.

Tytan WC Block for cistern – action

The product contains: benzenesulphonic acid, C10-13 alkyl derivatives, sodium salts, sulphuric acid, mono C12-18 alkyl esters, sodium salts, fatty acid amides C12-18 and C18, MEA, Limonene, p-ment-1-en-8-yl acetate. The ingredients selected in this way will ensure a long-lasting and comprehensive effect in your toilet after each rinse. As a result, the shell and flush will be clean and beaten with sea freshness. So our disc is a great addition to keep your toilet clean and smelling beautiful. Each flush will keep your toilet perfectly fresh and sterile. Any small dirt and germs will destroy the disc by pressing the magic flush button. It also protects the tank, which you can’t achieve with just a hanger or toilet fluid.

The cube is used as a complement to traditional toilet cleaning liquids. When the colour of the water disappears, you should change the cube to a new one, as this means that it has run out.

Why WC block for cistern …

Our product is an innovative and very convenient solution that will help you to maintain hygiene in the toilet. Additionally, the price of the disc will make you even more willing to take advantage of its incredible impact on the cleanliness and freshness of the toilet.

Logistical info:

Number of pieces per carton box: 20 szt.
Number on pallete: 6000 szt.
Number of layers on pallete: 10
Number of carton box per layer: 30
Code EAN 13 produkt: 5 900 657 530 101
Code EAN 13 carton box: 5 900 198 530 103
Index: T53010

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